Thursday, January 12, 2012

Verbs are hard.

“Mamá, wheel broken. Pongo?”

“Quieres que lo* ponga?”

“Ponga. Sí.”

(I put the wheel back on).

“Okay, Birdy, ya lo puse.”

“Puse. Gra-sas.”

(Ten minutes pass.)

“Mamá, wheel broken. Pongo?”

“Ahora ponlo tú.”


“Sí, tú ponlo, Isaias.”

(He puts the wheel back on.)

“Mira, Mamá! Wheel!”

“Ya lo pusiste?”


“Sí, lo pusiste. You put the wheel on!”

. . . . “Poot?”

*Sticklers for Spanish grammer: yes, "wheel" in Spanish is "rueda" or possibly "llanta," both feminine, and thus "la."  All English nouns in Spanglish, however--at least in Alonso-Ponikvarian Spanglish--are masculine: "el wheel," thus "lo".  You're welcome. 

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